Dance Troupe Practice and Under the Sun present:

Do Us a Show / Under the Sun CD release party!

Please join Dance Troupe Practice for their second open house of 2011! This time around, DTP will be partnering with Under the Sun for their CD release party at the Big Pink!

The afternoon will begin at 3:00 pm with a free Movement Workshop with the members of Dance Troupe Practice. The workshop's primary aim is to explore dance and movement in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Location TBA.

At 6:00 pm the second portion of the event begins at The Big Pink (6th and Ontario) two special events, Do Us a Show Open House, and the Under the Sun CD release party. Do Us a Show is an opportunity for performers of all disciplines to come together and share new work in front of a supportive, inclusive community. If you have a 15 minute movement/performance that you'd like to share, we invite you to come and Do Us a Show!

3:00 - 5:00 pm - Dance Troupe Practice Workshop
Location: VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE @ 3rd & Main Street

6:00 - 10:00 pm - Performances by Dance Troupe Practice, Under the Sun, Chris- A- Riffic, Bushtit, Trevor Thompson, Christie Watson, Gyre, Geezerholf & more!!

Location: The Big Pink (6th and Ontario)

Please e-mail contact@dancetroupepractic
e.com to participate or call prOphecy sun @ 604-264-1095,

Food and refreshment will be served!

Artist: Under the Sun
Album: Debut LP Dust
Recorded & Engineered @ The Hive: Tanis Gibbons, 2011.

“Under the Sun is like an impromptu nightmare- electro folk jam.” Brady M. Co-op Radio 2011

East Vancouver’s Under the Sun is requesting your time, imagination and radio waves to celebrate the release of their debut album Dust. Inspired by David Lynchian like soundscapes, noise, lost love, and psychosis, this duo creates melodic emotional songs that challenge and comfort the ears.

"Get invested- Dust is a great album. Sit back & get ready to zone out to some awesome music."
Montreal's CJLO AM 1690 Radio Julie M. 2011

Their unique improvised songwriting process involves turning on a recorder, turning up the volume and letting the music flow. The resulting orchestration is haunting and melodic and captures raw emotion and ideas beyond the confines of 4 x 4 verse chorus forms. Instruments include: guitar, autoharp, kazoo, theremin, electronic effects, vocal drones, ambient frequencies and dual harmonies.
Under the Sun is Jenny Jones and PrOphecy Sun